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North Star Mini Storage offers heated storage units in Whitehorse. Our company is one of the few Whitehorse storage unit rental companies equipped to offer climate-controlled storage units. Our acclimatized storage units are kept at room-temperature, controlled by a boiler system. Excellent for storing antique furniture, works of art, photo albums, and other treasured items that may be more susceptible to damage in cold storage environments.

Heated storage units are also a great option for offices that need to store files - making it easy to keep office records organized, and providing a comfortable, warm environment to work in during Yukon cold snaps.


Customers can place a disc lock on storage units to secure their units. Heated buildings are kept locked - access is granted only to customers renting heated storage units. Each of our facilities is securely fenced.

Self-Storage Unit Sizes

  • 5'x5' – Approximately 25 sq. feet of space – chairs, lamps, small bookcases, files, sports equipment etc.

  • 5'x10' – Approximately 50 sq. feet of space or the contents of one room – couches, boxes, chairs etc.

  • 10'x10' – Approximately 100 sq. feet of space or the contents of three rooms – couches, book cases, chairs, televisions, mattresses etc.

  • 10'x15' – Approximately 150 sq. feet of space or the contents of four rooms – patio furniture, boxes, chairs, tables, fridges, stoves, book cases etc.

  • Lockers 2’x3’

  • 8’x10’

  • 10’x11’

  • 10’x12’

  • 10’x13’


Our sea containers are perfect for homeowners who need regular access to their belongings.

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